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A little about me


Hi I am Donald, creator and photographer with DDL Photography. I have been shooting photos since I was in my teens and it continues to be a source of satisfaction and inspiration to this day. I also spent about 5 years doing aerial photography as a commercial drone pilot. In fact being a drone pilot let me into the "terrestrial" photography business.

Photographic technology has changed out of all recoginition from when I started. In the early days, it was all film with chemical development in a darkroom.  Now with the latest digital high resolution cameras and even phone cameras the whole photographic world has changed beyond belief.

The other main area of advance has been in the digital editing software available. In skilled hands these tools have revolutionised the photography arena.

So what can we do for you ?


We specialise in creating a simple, relaxed and professional shoot to capture your requirements exactly. We are flexible on location and time and will always attempt to accomodate your requirements. Its easy to book, its fairly priced, we keep you in the loop at all times.

You can review the finished high resolution images online, and these will be available for you to download once you are happy with them and have paid the balance of the fee.

We can offer a wide variety of prints in different sizes and substrates (glossy, matt etc) but most customers find it more cost effective to do this part themselves.

So thats a little about us, give us a call and we can get your photoshoot arranged to suit you.

Party & Event Photography
Modeling photography
Phillippines fashion shoot
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